Health Benefits of Golf

People get into sports for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s to make new friends or to cultivate a new hobby. However, getting fit is arguably the primary reason for most as the constant movement and athleticism required by most sports makes for a great workout.

Since it’s not quite as rigorous or physically intense as most sports, golf is generally seen by most people as a hobby that doesn’t offer as much health benefits. Further research on the subject proves otherwise, though.For those who are hesitant about getting Rockbottomgolf equipment and trying the sport.

The following is a list of health benefits that are sure to dispel any remaining doubts about how golf is as good a sport as any.

1. Golf burns a lot of calories.Golf courses are usually vast, open spaces. Walking the entirety of one during a typical 18-hole game can equate to a 4-mile run (or about 10,000 steps, which more than meets the minimum level of physical exercise recommended by physicians). Golfers who walk the course while carrying their Callaway golf equipment stuffed-bags typically burn about 2,000 calories. Those who ride golf carts, on the other hand, burn about 1,300 calories, which is the same amount of calories someone would burn if they were to jog on a treadmill for more than 2 hours.

2. Golf can significantly improve one’s posture and balance, thereby lessening the likelihood of back pains or accidents due to tripping or falling. Developing proper form in golf often results in better balance control for players of all ages (provided that one is using the proper equipment, such as those being sold at reliable retailers of Callaway golf), though it’s especially beneficial for those who are aged 60 and above since they are more vulnerable to injuries caused by being thrown off-balance.

3. Like most sports, golf encourages the body to release endorphins – a natural “feel-good” hormone. Furthermore, golf can be played as an individual sport and golf courses are a lot more calming and peaceful than other sporting venues. Thus, playing golf can relieve the body of the harmful effects of stress.

Golf4. Playing golf regularly can prevent the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. The degree of concentration and strategy-making that the sport requires stimulates blood circulation in the brain, as well as repairs and enhances the connections between the nerve cells.

5. The exercise that one gets from a full 18-hole game of golf can dramatically reduce the body’s blood glucose levels by as much as 30%. Coupled with the significant amount of calories burned in the process, golfers generally stay within a healthy weight with relatively little effort.

6. Golf is also a great exercise for the heart. Provided that one doesn’t get too excited with their credit card at the nearest Callaway golf retailer (and thus set himself/herself up for a big shock once the bill arrives), golf can be extremely beneficial for one’s cardiovascular health. Regularly playing 18-hole games can build stamina and can boost the heart’s endurance. The considerable degree of physical activity involved in walking across the golf course, swinging the golf club, and lugging heavy equipment bags also helps regulate good blood circulation, which helps keep the heart pumping at a healthy pace.

Golfs7. Golf helps people live longer than average. The combined health benefits of regularly playing golf have been found to increase a person’s life expectancy by as much as 5 years, as compared to his/her non-golfer peers.

8. Golfers also enjoy better, more regular sleeping patterns than non-golfers. Most golfers normally hit the course early in the morning, so they are conditioned to sleep before midnight. This in turn helps their bodies recuperate better since the human body’s regeneration process take place between 10 pm to 2 am.

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Coast Guard Custom Military Coins are Reminders of their Tradition of Excellence

Custom military coins for the Coast Guard help to remind recipients of the sea-going force’s long-standing tradition of excellence. The main responsibility of the Coast Guard is to protect America’s ports, waterways and coastlines against interior and exterior threats, and it has been carrying out this mission since it was established in 1790. When required, they can also serve overseas to bolster military forces. Members of the Coast Guard are known for their courage and commitment to their mission, as well as for embodying the virtue of honor. Their motto, Semper Paratus, means “Always Ready” and highlights their vigilance and readiness to fulfill their mission, whether at home or abroad.

custom coinsCustom coins are better known as challenge coins and have long been the way members of the military identified themselves as being part of a unit, as well as a reward for meritorious service. In fact, some stories even put the origins of challenge coins back to Ancient Rome, when members of a legion who performed well in battle would receive a special coin along with their pay, which bore their legion’s mark. Although these coins could be traded, many soldiers opted to keep them as a memento.

These days, custom military coins are considered as traditions that continue to be upheld by many units of the Armed Forces, which have custom coins minted with their unit insignia and motto. These coins may be given to all members of the unit or used as a reward when they have performed above and beyond the call of duty. They are available in a range of metal styles, ranging from gold and silver to brass and copper. And they are given away not only to enlisted men and officers but also to civilian supporters of the military, as well as anybody else that commanders feel merits the honor of receiving one of these custom coins. Being presented with one of these coins is a source of pride since it highlights the service you have given to America’s brave fighting men.

Helping to contribute to the continued popularity of custom military coins is the fact that improvements in minting technology have made these coins more affordable and easier to design and produce. Designs can easily be made on a computer or drawn on a piece of paper and then realized by professional designers at the minter. Once the design of the coin has been finalized, the minter can easily produce multiple coins for a relatively low price. And, of course, prices go down even more if you order your coins in bulk.

The improved technology also means that custom military coins no longer need to be the familiar circular shape but can be any shape desired. They can be in the shape of a badge or an anchor, for example. Having a challenge coin with a unique shape helps it stand out as well as enhance its collectability. In addition, other features can be added to the coin, such as different styles of edges, engraved three-dimensional designs and text on the faces and different types of finishes. Using a combination of these features helps to make the challenge coin more distinctive and attractive. To highlight that they are a limited issue, challenge coins can also be numbered.

As the Coast Guard continues its proud tradition of being America’s Guardian of the Sea, custom military coins offer a great way for collectors to show appreciation for the bravery they demonstrate in fulfilling their mission. Coast Guard challenge coins also let the estimated 42,300 active members display their pride in being a part of the country’s oldest continuous seagoing force.


What They Never Told You About Custom Rubber Bracelets

You’ve probably seen one in the event that you just joined and wondered what these custom rubber bracelets are for. These days, the use of rubber bracelets has been crucial in marketing a brand. Companies want to bring attention to their name in a subtle yet powerful way. These items may not be as large as t-shirts but rubber bracelets have become just as powerful in marketing industry.

It was first used in 2004 sport event by Lance Armstrong in promoting awareness for cancer. Apart from promoting an event, we also see custom rubber bracelets as company giveaways.

Below are the reasons why these bracelets are effective in marketing:

•They can easily grab attention.

Have you joined a marathon or triathlon event recently? You probably are given a rubber bracelet in your race kit. One of the good things about it is that it can be worn by all age brackets without making them feel uncomfortable. If many people wear it during the event, they become more visible. Imagine having the participants run with colorful rubber bracelets dangling on their wrists. Won’t that catch anyone’s attention?

•They make a fashionable statement.

silicone_braceletsGone are the days of using t-shirts and people start to embrace minimal ways of promoting a brand or event. There’s nothing wrong with using t-shirts, however it can be quite too much to ask for some people. On the other hand, handing out custom rubber bracelets as company giveaways and encouraging the employees to wear them does not seem as demanding.

Also, wearing rubber bracelet has become tremendously fashionable these days. Its popularity in the sporting events extends into corporate world as well. Since rubber bracelets are not easily torn and the fact that they are water-proof makes them the perfect item for triathlons, trail runs, marathon and swimming events. Since they are mostly worn by athletes, people see them as cool and fashionable.

•They are inexpensive.

Looking at it from a financial perspective, companies want to look at possible promotional items that are effective yet inexpensive. This is especially true for small start-up companies who want to endorse their name to a huge number of people. At the same time, rubber bracelets appeal to both men and women making the advertising coverage more comprehensive compared to caps and umbrellas.

Also, printing and distribution of rubber bracelets in bulk makes it cheaper. So even if your company decides to produce massive amounts of these products, they are still not as costly as other promotional merchandise items.

•They are socially accepted.

This means that the use of rubber bracelets does not call for any restrictions or taboo. Anyone from any age bracket and orientation can use the product without the fear of being judged. Knowing that it is generally accepted, companies can design and customized them any way they want.

•They are safe to use everywhere.

Knowing that it can be used by both men and women or kids and adult alike, custom rubber bracelets become one of the top preferences in marketing. Not only that, they can also be worn anywhere- either indoor or outdoor.

If you compare it with other promotional items such as caps, mugs or key chains, we are aware that they are only effective to a certain extent. For example, mugs are only great to use at home or in the office but you cannot bring it around. Caps are great to use outdoors but when you get indoor, you need to take it off.

Custom rubber bracelets, on the other hand, are effective advertisement items that can be worn both indoor and outdoor.

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