Common Internet Marketing Strategies that may Hurt a Brand

With today’s intense competition in internet marketing, many strategies are developed to encourage potential customers to buy products or avail of specific services. Many of these tactics are proven to be quite effective in boosting sales in the short term. However, many of these so-called internet marketing strategies are now becoming overly saturating for the online community that it affects the brand in a negative way.

This means that if one wants to build a reputable brand and stay relevant in online marketing industry in the long term, he must evaluate some advertising strategies before implementing them.

False Scarcity

False ScarcityIt is psychologically proven that people tend to buy products that are low in supply. This is because of the illusion of limitedness. Selling limited edition products tend to engage buyers in a sort of panic buying. This may boost sales for a while, but through time, people stray away from this brand because they will realize that they need something that is reliable. Especially if the products being advertised are consumable or dispensable, buyers will usually buy more in the future and they would want the peace of mind that stocks will be available should they decide to buy again.

Product Sales Closing and Reopening

This strategy is of the same family as the false scarcity scheme. Halting the sales of a particular product and selling it again after a short hiatus is designed to pressure potential buyers to get the product immediately. This tactic often presents itself in the “limited offer only” model. It is great for temporarily enhancing sales, but as said before, people would still want reliability and peace of mind. Additionally, closing and reopening the sales of products has the tendency to leave a bad impression. The reason for this is the mindset of buyers that producers who actually make quality products need not create a sense of urgency just to close a deal.

Social Media Advertising Schemes

Social MediaAltogether, different social media sites compose a significant bulk of the online community. Naturally, internet marketers would want to advertise there because after all, higher visibility means higher sales potential. There is nothing wrong with social media advertising, but sometimes it can be annoying. The key to translate brand visibility to sales is moderation. No one wants their feed to be spammed by advertisements over and over again.

Similarly, showing off the same products over and over again would not really increase the likelihood that one will avail the product or service. There is really no constant guideline in social media advertising so if one really needs to advertise in these platforms, research and experience will dictate the best and acceptable measures to do so efficiently.

Upsells and Downsells

Upselling means trying to get a customer to upgrade service or buy additional products that are usually more expensive. Downselling, on the other hand, is offering another product that is cheaper or giving discount to the previously declined offer just to make a desperate sale. Both upselling and downselling is common and quite acceptable, but only in a narrow term. Note that if potential buyers really appreciate the service or product they have obtained from the producer, they will browse for more offers themselves without needing some kind of a push.

Overusing Cross Promotions

Exchanging promotions is a common practice for most internet marketers. This may boost sales, but if overused, may result to distrust in the product and brand. Seeing a product advertised in a different site will help in selling it, but if it is promoted with a dozen other products, people will think of it as just some kind of spam or a low quality material desperate for disposal. Similarly, a long list of advertisement on one’s own website will bury the main product in terms of visibility and will “downgrade” customers’ user experience and rating.

Online marketing is a fickle business. What’s effective yesterday may not be beneficial today. To succeed, one must stay flexible and adjust to any given circumstance.

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