Classification of Real Estates

Whenever you want to spend your money on some real estate properties, you must accurately check and plan in relation to the type of property you really want to invest in. But first, what does real estate mean and what are the different classifications of real estate properties?

Real estates are defined as any physical property pertaining to a land which may be affixed with buildings or things attached to buildings, such as sanitation, amenities, and light fixtures. Some real estates may include natural resources such as undeveloped faunas and floras, different crops, and various livestock.

The concept of real estate is also applicable in the business setting, as it becomes the business wherein you buy, sell, or rent lands, buildings, or different housings situated at any location in your country. These real estate properties are classified into three different types, namely the residential, commercial, and industrial. These types of real estate properties are distinct from each other, although they are all considered properties.

Residential Real Estate

resedentialA residential real estate is any type of property that features either a single family or multifamily structure and may only be occupied for non-business purposes. This type of real estate property involves the needs and wants of an individual.

Consequently, the purchase of this type of property is for individual use only, meaning it is usually used for housing or settlements of families. Some examples of a residential real estate include undeveloped land, condominiums or apartments, and townhomes.

In most cases, when it comes to residential real estate properties, buyers reach the decision based on the fact that the house gives comfort and serves as a peaceful settlement.

Commercial Real Estate

A commercial real estate usually revolves around the business or investment purposes of any property. This type of real estate enables an individual or any agents to buy, sell or lease as a lessor (owner of the lease) or lease as a lessee (the person who’s trying to lease the property for their personal use).

Oftentimes, these properties are used for a very wide range commercial purposes. Examples of these include the retail stores or offices, apartments, and raw-land leasing. Generally, a commercial real estate is an investment property that allows one to generate income, building upon the amount used to acquire the property itself.

Industrial Real Estate

This is one among the three types of real estates that usually involve properties used for industrial purposes. This type of real estate property comes in different shapes and sizes which covers almost business sectors. Speaking of sizes, there are small, large, and even enormous types of industrial real estate. Now, we’re totally revolving around the industrial setting – no more individual purposes, mainly for business only.

A small size industrial real estate covers the single to double-story buildings. This type of buildings contains flexible spaces which can be used for warehouses or offices. Lastly, they can also be used for start-ups, mechanics or for research laboratories.

Meanwhile, a large type of industrial real estate includes two medium- to large-sized warehouses which are mostly used for storing or manufacturing products. On the other hand, properties classified as enormous gives an impression of vastness – picture an industrial space that can hold both production and manufacturing, and even the distribution of the products direct to its customers.

Mostly, industrial real estate investment calls forth some savvy investors who are willing to get higher yields or incomes – while taking certain risks of course. One good thing to remember is that among all the real estate properties, this one has the longest lease and needs frequent maintenance due to its size.

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