How Much Would You Pay For Content Writing Services?

If you have a web-based business, maximizing opportunities to increase your return on investment is likely a top priority. Accomplishing this is no easy feat, given the different aspects you need to look after. To help minimize your concerns, content writing services are available to provide you with the resources you need.

Your conversion rates can be greatly increased with the services of a content writing company. But, like any other business person, it is reasonable enough for you to wonder how much it will cost to hire a content writing service provider. Here is a list of services that may interest you and their corresponding rates:

1. Landing pages

The pages of your website require great content to catch the attention of your readers. In crafting content for your landing pages, the nature of your business and clientele are taken into consideration.

Content writing servicesAdmittedly, the price of landing pages are expensive given their significance to a website. In some case, the rate may start at 1,500 and reach over 20,000 dollars. Though you can get good landing pages that promise good conversion rates and profit at 4,000 dollars. This cost provides for 5 to 7 pages of content for your website and already includes the necessary edits.

2. SEO

The rate for postings that require search engine optimization, SEO for short, may range from 80 to over 900 dollars. This varies depending on the required length. You can also avail of discounts for bulk orders. Content writing services for SEO can cost more if you require the incorporation of additional information like interviews and analytics.

If you are looking to save on SEO, you have the option of paying for mini blogs that cost around 50 dollars. Likewise, you can get a discount if you order in bulk. Mini blogs are postings that you publish yourself, the content writing company usually provides the copy as Word documents.

3. Link bait articles

Link bait articles are a bit trickier to do and would be best left to the expertise of a company that offers content writing services. The objective of articles of this nature is to link with as many sites as possible. In turn, it helps increase traffic back to your website with every click of readers.

You will likely spend about 2,000 dollars for a link back article. Though it is possible to spend less than a thousand dollars for it. If so, it is best to check the type of content strategy employed by the service you hire.

4. Other writing services (press releases, e-newsletters)

Writing your own press release is not easy as you need to format it correctly. At the same time, you need to think of a title that will catch readers’ attention. The intention of a press release is to make it easy for journalists to post a copy of it in their article or on their blog.

For e-newsletters, creating a catchy title is essential to prompt readers to open it. The next challenge is to get them to take action while they read. Without careful planning, an e-newsletter can easily be thrown in with readers’ junk mail.

Typically, the rate for a press release and e-newsletter can start at 1,500 dollars. The cost is inclusive of writing and editing the output as well as its distribution and marketing.

Saving money by trying to write the content yourself can easily backfire on you. Especially if you are not equipped to take on the task of writing SEOs, blog postings, and link back articles.

Content writing services are your best option if you do not have the time to write your own content. Moreover, if your ranking in search engines is on a downward trend then outsourcing should be seriously considered.